What month is December Number

The December month number is 12 & it’s twelfth month of the year & do you know about what month comes after December. It’s 31 days month, no matter what year is it.

December – The 12th and the final month of the year before the cycle starts again! A time when everyone is starting to get used to spending most of their day in the warm fuzzy blankets in front of their cozy fireplaces. A time when laziness takes over in the best possible ways and we’re just looking to spend the winters making snowmen and eating rich comfort foods.

It is also the time of celebrations, with Christmas and the New Year’s Eve! Oh and remember when I told you about the weirdest and wackiest holidays and celebration in January and September, this is on a whole another level! So let’s get started!!!

Cool Things to know about December –

  • Krampusnacht, a festival in Austria, is celebrated in a way where Santa’s evil twin Krampus chases naughty kids down the streets. Sound’s more fun that regular Santa to be honest. Burning Clocks Festival in England is celebrated by burning paper lanterns – along with bad exam sheets and receipts that you don’t want others to find – on Dec 21st to mark the shortest day of the year. And the Night of the Radishes, celebrated in Mexico on Dec 23rd where you carve…. Radishes!
  • December is the best month to observe the most beautiful constellation in the sky, like the Orion.
  • You know, if you want to make it big as a female pop star, you might want to restart your life by being born in December. Because December apparently guarantees the pop stardom. Taylor Swift, Nikki Minaj, Billie Eilish and everyone’s favorite, Brittney Spears, were all born in December.
  • The first ever successful flight in an aircraft was in December, by a certain someone who is very familiar – Orville and Wilbur Wright. Also, if you’re flying in December, save up fat cash because the plane tickets too, touch the sky during December.

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