How many days in May 2024

There are always 31 days in the month of May, no matter what year it is. There are 23 workdays and 8 weekends in May 2024. 7 days left in May 2024 Month.

The fifth month of the year has exactly 31 days. Want to know more about the days in months? Check out all the 31 Day Months and 30 Day Months.

May is a relatively quiet month… or we think so! It might not seem like much but May actually has some wild festivals and celebrations that are widely followed around the world. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the “Cinco de Mayo” and “May the 4th”! In fact 4th of May, also known as the Star Wars day is one of the biggest celebrations worldwide that has its roots in the entertainment industry and not some cultural or historical grounds.

Monday in May 20244 Mondays
Tuesday in May 20244 Tuesdays
Wednesday in May 20245 Wednesdays
Thursday in May 20245 Thursdays
Friday in May 20245 Fridays
Saturday in May 20244 Saturdays
Sunday in May 20244 Sundays

May is also the time to come with the best gifts for your mom, because the Mother’s Day is here! Want to know many weeks are left until this beautiful day arrives? Check out the Weeks from Today Calculator.

Is this 31 Days month? Yes, May is the 31 days month.

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