How many days in January 2024

There are always 31 days in the month of January, no matter what year it is. There are 23 workdays and 8 weekends in January 2024. -114 days left in January 2024 Month.

January is the first months of the year and it always has 31 days. So in January 2024, you’ll have 31 days in total. Also check out all the other 31 Day Months here!

January has quite a fascinating history, given that it did not even exist in the calendars for a major part of the history!  It was actually around 700 BCE that Romans started noticing the discrepancy between the days and calendars. After careful consideration and calculation, Numa Pompilius the emperor from that time, added January and February to the Roman calendars.

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Monday in January 20245 Mondays
Tuesday in January 20245 Tuesdays
Wednesday in January 20245 Wednesdays
Thursday in January 20244 Thursdays
Friday in January 20244 Fridays
Saturday in January 20244 Saturdays
Sunday in January 20244 Sundays

Today, January is the first month in the Gregorian calendars and it is host to a lot of major celebrations and festivals around the world like New Years Day 2024, Harbin Ice Festival, Ocaso Festival and many more! It is also regarded as the second month of winter in the northern hemisphere and the second month of summer in the southern hemisphere.

Is this 31 Days month? Yes, January is the 31 days month.

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