How many days in April 2024

There are always 30 days in the month of April, no matter what year it is. There are 22 workdays and 8 weekends in April 2024. -24 days left in April 2024 Month.

April has a modest 30 days in the month. Check out other months that are 30 Day Months. A time when the world outside is enjoying a pleasant weather, the landscapes are lush with greenery and life is thriving!

Did you know that the widely used Gmail was launched on 1st of April in 2004! Imagine if you were to tell someone you’ve sent them mail, an invisible one at that! Talk about an April fool’s Idea… Also, April is quite popular among people who like to go out on a weekend for a picnic or outdoor adventures.

Monday in April 20245 Mondays
Tuesday in April 20245 Tuesdays
Wednesday in April 20244 Wednesdays
Thursday in April 20244 Thursdays
Friday in April 20244 Fridays
Saturday in April 20244 Saturdays
Sunday in April 20244 Sundays

Another great thing about April is the vast varieties of festivals and celebrations that you get to see around the world. Festivals like the Beltane Fire Festival, Snowbombing, Seville Feria, Coachella Festival and the magnificent “KANAMARA MATSURI” festival from Japan (you should try looking it up)! 

Is this 30 Days month? Yes, April is the 30 days month and do you know what month is April number?

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